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Greg Yule is an exceptional musician, a  talented singer, songwriter, band and session guitarist who made it through the musical mill of ‘80s groups, one-nighters, tours, record contracts and studio session work and has now found the leisure and the lifestyle to create and develop his music in his own way.

Although Greg lives a more settled life these days in rural Ireland, a setting that allows him the peace necessary for creative work, he still loves playing real live music with a real band, so you’ll often find him playing, whether with his own band, or else with a more ad hoc backing group, to packed houses in small venues in Ireland, France and Britain.

A few years ago Greg completed construction of his own purpose-built, fully equipped recording studio, where he is able to record his own work and produce music by others. Greg’s album “Back On My Feet”, was released in September 2012.  His latest album, “Sinner”, also recorded at Cleggan Bay Studio, was released in 2017.

Greg Yule - Now

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Listen to my latest  album “Sinner” -  released April 2017! Cheers! Greg