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This all started in France...

We had bought and moved into a 400 year old farmhouse, in desperate need of some major renovation and had a plan to add a residential music studio.  Music and musicians was a crucial part of our recreation time and over the coming months and years we met some great and unforgettable people.

Without a studio, and in the middle of the renovation work, the dining room became the studio for a while.  With solid oak floors and thick chalk walls, the sound was perfect for recording.  I had two small Roland v desks which meant I could move them around the house to get the sound I wanted, but usually avoiding the renovation dust, until the new studio was finished.

This was the chaotic start of ‘Back On My Feet’.  

With the new studio finished I was able to really push on with the songs. Writing had never felt so easy.  Sunday afternoons were often the perfect time for inspiration. In the French sunshine, with the studio doors wide open, a few of the band would usually come round, we’d rattle off a few ideas, share a bottle or so of wine and end up sharing in the delights of a traditional, but always very social Sunday roast.  I’d then spend the rest of the week piecing it all together.  

A big change was to come.

We were offered the chance to take over a family business in Connemara, Ireland.

After all the time and hard work involved in creating our perfect home, building up a business in France, making so many new friends, it was a tough decision to make.  However we felt from a musical point of view it was the way forward and an opportunity not to be missed and decided to move again.  

So, I had a target date and the album needed to be finished. For the next month or so we were still in the perfect place for this to happen. There was a lot still missing.  I had to press hard to get everything down and recorded. Luckily, Geoff and Adrian  jumped at the chance to come to ‘le studio’ and rushed over to finish their parts.  The tracks were finished in a week.

Having moved and settled in Ireland, but without my beloved studio, I was back to moving from room to room with the portable rolands, adding banjo, mandolin and bouzouki using local musicians.  With everything now recorded, I made the decision to finish the mixing in France.  It was easier for the engineers to travel there from England with all their gear, and in all honesty, I wanted a little time back in the place where it had all started.

This album has been recorded in two different countries, umpteen kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, but I’m very proud of the end product.  A more apt name might have been ‘From pillar to post’, but I’ve been on my arse enough times, ‘Back on my feet’ seems to fit rather well.

Thanks to everyone who’s played on this and helped make it what it is.


GregYule -  Cleggan, Ireland -  August 2012