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Greg joined Aberdeen band "Grey by the Gun" in 1986 as guitarist and lead singer. In 1987 the band signed a management deal with the management of "Run Rig" a very popular and successful Scottish band.  and for a time, "Grey By The Gun" became a support act to "Run Rig", playing all over Scotland at major venues.  "Grey By The Gun" also went on to support "Deacon Blue", "Marillion", "Wet Wet Wet", and a host of other bands.

The band’s first EP, "The Black Heart", sold 10,000 copies (a compilation of old and new material).  A second EP "Cutting The Rug" (all new songs) also sold in excess of 10,000 copies.

By 1990 the band had become recognised as more than just a support act, and after severing ties with their management they moved to Brighton, England, in search of wider recognition and a new recording contract.

A number of successful gigs followed, including at the famous London “Marquee Club” and a new manager soon found the band such recognition with RCA in America that the band secured an advance to start recording and promptly went to "Hot Nights" in Fulham, with new material, new production staff and, rightly or wrongly, a new name "The Promise" to record the new album.  Next RCA whisked the band off to the States to showcase at prestige venues such as “The Kat Club” in New York City.  Sadly, wholesale management changes at the top of RCA brought about savage cuts, and "The Promise" was one of the bands dropped along with the plans for releasing their new album.

Through the 90’s Greg played with various Brighton bands and performed session vocals and guitar work in studios all over the south.  Throughout this period he has continued to write songs and play alongside other artists both in America and in Europe, as well as writing for his own band the  ‘Ship of Fools’.  

Greg’s new album “Sinner” was released in April 2017 and is now available on I-Tunes and Amazon Music

Greg has now created his own purpose built recording studio in Ireland, on the beautiful west coast.  Click here for more details