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Greg’s purpose-built recording studio at Cleggan Bay, in Ireland’s famous Connemara region, is a perfect facility for any rock, folk or country musicians to get creative.  Designed and carefully constructed to enable them to achieve exactly the sounds they’re looking for, it’s well equipped too and has accommodation facilities for parties of all sizes.

You can hire the studio, with or without engineer and producer.  Rehearsal facilities, instruments, a mountain of technical equipment and session musicians are available if needed.

For more details click this link to the Cleggan Bay Studios website.


Greg released his album “Roses” in early 2002 and the follow-up, "Rivers Run Dry" in 2005/6.  Greg’s third album “Back On My Feet” was released in September 2012.  All the musicians who have contributed to these albums are outstanding musicians in their own right, performing solo, or with other bands, when not recording or playing with Greg’s band.  Among the fine musicians who have recorded with Greg are:

Adrian Marshall   -   Slide Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals   Jason Winstanley   -   Backing Vocals, Percussion   Annie Mason - Fiddle    Geoff Ansell - Drums   Bradley Tullet - Keyboard, Piano  Brian Potter - Bass    Ivan Pledge - Drums   Jo Yule - Sax, Flute    Phil Berthoud - Fiddle, Mandolin    Diana Wood - Sax, Backing Vocals    Tony Fish - Trumpet    Paula Scott - Backing Vocals  Neil Kennedy -  Guitar, Bass Guitar    Colin Hannon -  Bouzouki, Banjo   Tommy Scullion -  Pedal Steel   Ritchie Newman  -  Mandolin

The New Recording Studio at Cleggan Bay