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”.........Poison Kiss has a superb funky bass line, busy drum pattern sand impassioned vocals.  Greg’s voice, with its comtrolled emotion and strong range, reaches out of the speakers and demands you take notice.

The high standard musicianship continues on Losing Control.............”

Mark Bentley, Sounds Around, Mid Sussex Times

“..Songwriter Greg Yule has had a track accepted for the new Donny Osmond album...featuring top  stars, including Shania Twain and the Backstreet Boys..........

Naskville Courier

“.....his album Roses. recorded and mixed at Brickhouse Studio in Brighton, England, and produced by Greg and others.

It features eleven well-structured and impressively produced songs showing a strong folk influence.  

There’s some nifty fiddle playing throughout, a bit of tasty slide guitar on Losing Control, and a fine Dave Gilmour style guitar solo on But In Summertime.........

Polling Stone

“.....Greg has a very good voice and is well matched by Adrian Marshall on bass, slide and guitar, Bradley Tullett on keyboards, Phil Berthoud on fiddle and mandolin, Ivan Pledge and Geoff Ansell on drums and Jason Winstanley on percussion.  Greg plays guitar, vocals and harmonica........”

The Middy

“This is driving, open top, on a deserted road with the wind in your hair, music. The infectious Another Thing, co-written with Adrian Marshall and the classy hook of Somebody Else just demand radio airplay. I can promise you that these are songs you will find yourself humming around the house for days to come”.    Jeff Perkins